Woman in Paris creates social distancing hat

A Chinese woman living in Paris has created a social distancing hat to wear in the street with straight flaps on each side to stop people getting too close.

She has taped a one metre sign to the back of a cap on which is written “ceci est un chapeau d’un mètre, veuillez respecter la distance” (this is a one-metre hat, please respect the distance).

Stéphanie, interviewed by French media Le Parisien, said she had been inspired by a traditional hat from the Song dynasty, which used to be worn by the subjects of the emperor to avoid them getting too close and plotting against him.

She said the new hats worn by Chinese pupils at school to respect the distance also inspired her.

However, the 33-year-old did not have enough material to create a sign of two metres (to have one metre of distance on each side) and had to do a smaller sign with 50 centimetres on each side.

She told Le Parisien: “I wanted to something fun to make people laugh and show them what is the distance of one metre.”

People in the metro in Paris metro were amused by the invention as we can see in the video filmed by Le Parisien, below:

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