Barrister seeks to rally Europeans against Brexit

Julien Fouchet thinks opposing the 'illegal' Brexit is a duty for Europeans

A French barrister has launched a new social media campaign which aims to bring together Europeans opposed to Brexit on grounds that the referendum was not run properly.

Julien Fouchet from Bordeaux has launched a campaign, at present only on Twitter, called EU27Voices4UKRemain (Twitter handle: EU27k) which aims to create a sense of solidarity among those in the other 27 states who wish the UK to remain. It will be launched on other social media later on.

Mr Fouchet, who is also the barrister for the ‘Shindler’ case which seeks a ruling that the referendum broke EU rules, told Connexion supporters for the new campaign so far include former Monty Python member Eric Idle as well as British politicians.

He said: “I want to mobilise people in all of the 27 states so that people understand why the UK is leaving the EU – they don’t know, in Germany, Spain, Portugal… that this Brexit is illegal.

“The Leave campaign exceeded the spending ceilings. The referendum vote did not mention that the UK would leave Euratom. Electors in British overseas territories and Britons who have lived abroad for more than 15 years could not vote. Nor could prisoners – despite the fact that the European Court of Human Rights had told the UK that loss of voting should not be automatic for all prisoners, only for the most serious offences. There was foreign influence on social media. It’s all illegal and people don’t know.”

He added he will also be sending out a press release to media across Europe and is creating a ‘big data’ database with a maximum of contacts.

“I want to get everyone on board and mobilise people to protest. I aim to create a support committee in each of the 27 states. But time is short. I’m not a communications expert but I’m going to do my best to surround myself with people who can help.

“We have to try to avoid this catastrophe, so that Europe isn’t dislocated like this, above all in the context of this illegality. I consider it a duty as a European citizen.”

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