Clarification - expired cards and new carte website

If you previously had a carte de séjour issued for 10 years or more – or you have a current version of that type of card - the new French no-deal residency cards website will accept this without demanding further documents.

16 October 2019
By Oliver Rowland

As is the case for a person who already has a valid EU citizen’s carte de séjour – séjour permanent at the time of applying via the new website, anyone clicking to attest to living more than five years in France and then stating they previously had a 10-year carte de séjour is allowed to complete their application with no request for proofs of income or healthcare cover.

Connexion has tested this out and it fits well with the lightened bureaucracy France provided for in its no-deal ordonnance law and decree.

However this only applies where the card you held in the past was of a 10-year or more duration. If you previously held a shorter-term card and it has expired, you still need to provide the full set of supporting documents (though you are asked to attach a scan of the expired card in the Proof of Residency section rather than an alternative document such as a rental contract or work contract etc).

To make use of this feature you also have to supply details of – and a scan of – the card, including issue and expiry date and the card’s 10-digit number, which can be found at the top right of cards issued from 2002-2011 or along the right-hand edge for more recent cards.

If you had a previous card but have lost it we suggest making enquiries with your prefecture, however the older the card the greater the risk that no computerised records were kept.

Connexion notes also that in the case of applicants clicking to say they came to France more than 5 years ago, there appears to be no problem flagged up by the site if you type in details of a card that was issued later than the date you provide in the earlier section headed ‘On what date did you move to France?’.

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