Using carte site if you have temporary EU citizen card

Several readers have raised questions over how to use the new French government website for ‘no-deal’ residency cards in the case of already having a temporary card as an EU citizen.

14 October 2019
The new site has been found to be simple to use by most people who have tried it so far
By Oliver Rowland

In this scenario most of the same process has to be followed as if you did not have a card.

Since the website launched last week feedback has been mostly good as to the simplicity and clarity of the site, which is for applying for the cards that Britons would need if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. 

The French government has clarified that people can start using the site now to lodge applications but that no cards will be processed unless the UK is to leave with a no-deal. This is the current default position to take place on October 31.

The site follows the rules laid out in a decree on Britons’ rights after a no-deal in April this year which says Britons would have six months after a no-deal in order to apply for cards, including those who already have ones as EU citizens.

As expected, those Britons who have already obtained the carte de séjour – séjour permanent as EU citizens can ‘swap’  for a non-EU citizen’s long-term resident card in the case of no-deal.

They will however still have to visit their prefecture to pay the €119 fee and give fingerprints and photos.

French officials have said for some time they would prioritise simplifying things for those with this card, which attests to the holder having obtained a recognised EU right to live in the country for life. The European Commission in its no-deal contingency plans asked the 27 states to help people with this status, or who have obtained in by default by living ‘legally and stably’ in their adopted country for more than five years, to secure the equivalent long-term residency status for non-EU citizens.

What is more, someone holding a card certifying to this EU status usually has nothing further to prove to stay on in their country of residence and is never asked again for proofs of income or medical cover – which is respected in the French decree and new website.

Also as expected from the decree, those with temporary one or five-year cards cannot ‘swap’ for a non-EU card, but they are dispensed from part of the paperwork formalities to obtain a non-EU card.

When using the new site this means that if this applies to you, when you arrive at the page where you are asked for paperwork, you are asked to supply a scan of the front of the temporary EU citizen card as opposed to another ‘justificatif de résidence’ (proof of when you started living in France) such as an attestation of home purchase from a notaire, a rental contract, a home insurance contract or work contract.

However you do have to provide other supporting documents: proofs of income and medical insurance.

Holders of these temporary cards are, even as EU citizens, asked again on renewal of these cards (or when applying for a permanent residency card) for new proofs that they have maintained a certain income level and medical cover because they have not yet obtained the ‘permanent residency’ status exempting them from needing this.

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