New website - temporary cartes and date of move

Connexion has noted an anomaly with the new French residency card website related to those with short-term cards as EU citizens – we are seeking clarification from the authorities.

16 October 2019
By Oliver Rowland

The issue arises because at an early stage in the application process on the new website the applicant is asked ‘On what date did you move to France’.

If you clicked at the start of the application process to say you have been in France for less than five years you will not specifically be asked to provide carte de séjour details, however towards the end of the application you will find a section called Proof of Residency, subtitled ‘Proof establishing the date I moved to France’.

The website then states: “If I have or had a French residence permit, only attach this document”.

We have pointed out to the Interior Ministry and British Embassy that the issue date of a carte de séjour could be years after the date someone actually ‘moved to France’. (Where someone has not had a carte de séjour, we understand a wide range of possible documents are acceptable as such 'proof', even including airline tickets).

Connexion assumes that it does not matter if the date of the card scanned in this section is different from the other date provided for ‘On what date did you move to France’ even if this was significantly earlier – but we are trying to obtain confirmation of this.

We have suggested that it might be better to use wording such as ‘Proof establishing the date I moved to France OR scan of carte de séjour’.

We note that for those clicking to say they moved to France more than five years ago, who are given a space to input any carte de séjour details if relevant, the site does not find any error if a different date is inserted for ‘On what date did you move to France’ and the date of issue of the card.

So this problem concerning those who moved more recently may just be an area where the language used could benefit from more clarity.

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