Theresa May will be new British PM

British Home Secretary Theresa May is now on course to become the country’s second female prime minister after rival Andrea Leadsom dropped out of the race. 

Mrs Leadsom is said to have taken the decision following controversy over statements she made to The Times that as a mother she has a greater stake in the country’s future than Mrs May, who was unable to have children. 

Mrs May is now expected to become the new Conservative leader, and as a result is expected to be the

UK prime minister who leads the country into withdrawal from the European Union. 

Mrs May, who supported ‘remain’ during campaigning, has said she would not trigger article 50, to begin the leaving process, until there is some more clarity about what deal Britain will be negotiating for – and not until next year. She has said she is not in favour of a second referendum being held. 

Mrs Leadsom said she gave her full support to Mrs May, and that it was best for the country that there should not be a drawn-out leadership campaign at this ‘critical moment’. 

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