Where do I find a form to apply for carte de séjour?

Procedures vary depending on your prefecture

We and our English neighbours are having problems finding the correct application forms for a carte de séjour. What is the name of the form and where can it be obtained? A.D.

We continue to receive many queries about Brexit, especially on this topic of cartes de séjour, and will be answering a selection online over coming weeks. In answer to this query, most prefectures require you to apply at the prefecture in person, taking in relevant paperwork - and not usually requiring a form.

As we explain in our helpguide to Brexit and Britons in France, some of them have a system of online booking for appointments, intended to reduce waiting at the prefecture, and at others there is a general free-for-all. In the latter areas you must attend during set hours, preferably arriving well before opening time if you are in part of the country with a high demand. Finally in at least one region that Connexion has heard of (Burgundy), prefectures have been asking for postal applications.

It is generally only in the latter case where a form has to be filled in, in the others you are simply asked to take in the various documents needed as proof of your right to the card, usually both originals and copies. If in any doubt contact your prefecture by email, phone or online message service (if offered). The relevant prefecture is usually the main one for your department.

For example, in the case of the Côte d’Or department of Burgundy, where a full postal application is needed, there is a rather lengthy sequence of clicks from its homepage to find the relevant form that needs to be completed and sent with the documents (if you are in another department with a similar requirement look out for similarly-worded sections on its site). It is as follows:

Démarches administratives (administrative procedures) > Accueil des étrangers (reception of foreigners) > Vous êtes ressortissant(e) de l’UE (you are an EU citizen).

There are then choices depending on your personal situation (such as Vous souhaitez exercer une activité salariée (you want to do salaried work) or Vous êtes non actif (you are ‘ inactive’, that is not working or seeking work). Click Où s’addresser (where to apply) after which information opens saying that applications are by post only, with a link to click for further details.

Choose Européens and then once again the relevant link according to personal category; there are different links if you are seeking an ordinary card (one or five years’ duration) or the séjour permanent (‘permanent residency’) card available for those able to prove more than five years’ residence in France.

The form includes an Attestation d’hébergement, which can be filled in for example if you live free of charge with a member of your family, with the details of this person (otherwise it is not relevant).

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