Brittany wants Euroregion link with Wales and Ireland

SALAMI DADKHAH-FOROUGH Brittany Vice President
Contrary to what is happening internationally, here there is a lot of will to reinforce links says Forough Salami-Dadkhah

Brittany and Wales share Celtic cultural roots and have been creating closer links recently. The region’s vice president in charge of international affairs FOROUGH SALAMI-DADKHAH told Oliver Rowland they hope to build on this by forming a “Euroregion” between the two - and  also now with Ireland. On a visit to Brittany earlier this year, Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones said he was in favour of the plan and Brexit has reinforced his wish for close cooperation.

The links between Brittany and Wales are very ancient...

There are special links between our territories – historic ones, due to our origins and culture.

We share the same national anthem [the tune and similar meanings], called in Breton Bro gozh ma Zadoù [Old land of my fathers]. When there is a France/Wales rugby match, Bretons are moved because it’s their anthem – so they’re happy whichever side wins. 

There are also around 40 Breton communes twinned with Welsh towns.

So, in 2005 we signed an institutional partnership agreement and we identified areas to work together, on culture, on school exchanges, on the environment. Every few years we add new projects – for example, last time it was renewable marine energies. We organise meet-ups between Breton and Welsh businesspeople and researchers. We act as a coordinator and assist, just as in the cultural sphere we help Welsh artists and bring them together with Breton partners. We make things easier, we support, and speed things up.

For example, this summer the Welsh had a stand at a Breton business event and in October a Welsh delegation was invited to a marine energies event. Each time we have suitable events we invite ...

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