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Bumper November edition preview

Our November print edition is a bumper 72 pages and there is still time to subscribe

8 October 2015

Our November print edition is a bumper 72 pages. There is still time to subscribe if you would like to start with this edition – the deadline is tomorrow evening, Saturday October 10.

Subscribing offers a 23% saving on buying us at newsagents for subcriptions to French addresses.

Highlights of November include:
- Four-page special of property news for home-owners and buyers
- Lawyers report social charge refunds arriving
- What doctors’ strike is really about
- Plans for France’s first Alzheimer’s village and call for English-speakers to help carers and sufferers throughout France
- Seed secret of farmer’s tomatoes which need minimal water
- We go on a tour of Paris architecture
- Lorry driver tells his side of Calais runs
- Why we left France and came back!
- Teachers and parents support multi-age primary school classes
- How to adopt a guide dog puppy
- Problems with foreign Assurance Vies
- Savvy skiing – tips for fun, low-cost skiing
- The programme to reintroduce vultures
- Andorra: What’s it like to live there
- Chickens fed Breton seaweed extract do not need antibiotics
- Reader stories: Our kids are growing up with a different culture to us

Reader questions answered in the edition include:
- Should I be taxed on school fees my employer pays for us?
- In view of recent social charge ruling can we refuse to pay these if selling our second home now?
- My car hit a boar, how does this work with insurance?
- How do we get EHIC refund from CPAM?
- Smoke alarms and checks
- French and UK spoon sizes for recipes
- Radio 4 interference
- Can we make a will jointly as a couple under new EU regulation?
- Who is responsible for children’s illegal film downloads?
- How mortgage brokers work
- Satellite for slow broadband – can I suspend it while not at the home?
- Best deals for currency exchange transfers

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