Campaign to make sign thief feel guilty

The sign which was stolen. Photo:

Cyclist harnesses power of social media after famous sign is stolen 

A cyclist from Maine-et-Loire has come up with an unusual idea after a sign marking the summit of Mont Ventoux was stolen. 

After the theft last winter, Alban Klein started a social media campaign and a hashtag #touchepasamontventoux (don’t touch Mont Ventoux) to gather 1911 photos people had taken of the sign — to make whoever stole it feel bad.

The number 1911 was chosen as that is the number of metres stated on the sign, signalling adventurers have reached the summit.

Ascending the mountain and taking a picture with the summit sign is popular with cyclists and walkers alike.

‘This sign is part of ramblers’ heritage’, says Mr Klein, who lives on the mountain.

‘Everyone has their photo taken with it’. 

‘[The social media campaign] won’t get the sign back, but it will make whoever stole it feel guilty’, Mr Klein says.


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