Complaints site for telecoms and delivery services

Consumers can complain about La Poste and other delivery services as well as telecoms and internet providers

A new site allows users to complain about post and parcel delivery services as well as telephone, mobile and internet providers 

Communications authority Arcep (Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des Postes) has set up the J'alerte l'Arcep (I alert Arcep) site to collect information on the problems users are facing.

Individuals, companies and community groups are all encouraged to become their own ‘micro-regulators’ in contributing to the site. Arcep will review each complaint and direct users to the best source of help. It will also contact an operator if the same issue keeps coming up.  

Arcep created the site after a strategic review of its operations last year. It will help it to keep up to date with the problems users are facing and find ways to tackle them, as well as helping the providers themselves to improve their services.

"This sort of regulation by data will complement the more traditional regulatory tools, using information to take the market in the right direction," it said.

Using the site does not constitute a formal submission of a complaint to Arcep, it stressed, and there will be no personalised follow-up of user complaints.

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