Couple fight to give their family allowance back

The front page Caisse d’allocations familiales website on October 10, 2017

Disagreements with social security officials are nothing new - but this is a little different

A couple living in the Gironde have found themselves in something of a disagreement with social security officials - because they want to give back a family allowance payment they say they do not need.

The 46-year-old entrepreneur and his wife asked officials at Caisse d’allocations familiales (CAF) whether a €117 payment made to them when their daughter entered school was discretionary - and were shocked to learn that it was a payment made to all parents of school age children regardless of income.

"We found it totally indecent … we have a lifestyle that is five or six times greater than any person who has a child but who is on Smic (minimum wage)," the businessman told BFM TV.

The couple wrote a letter explaining that they did not want the money - but were told it was impossible to refuse the payment - so they have asked their bank to 'oppose' the transfer.

"It's totally illogical that someone who earns €900 a month gets the same as someone who earns €5,000 … Who, when he earns €6,500 a month, needs €117 for his child?" the entrepreneur said.

"When you have a certain standard of living, you make more effort."

He added that he benefits every day from the taxes he pays. "I send my daughter to public school, I drive on good roads, and when I go to the doctor I am well cared for. For me, social security is more than something you pay."

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