Drug dealer caught handing out flyers

Cannabis plant

Police arrest man who was offering leaflets with his name, number... and a free sample of cannabis

A DRUG dealer has been arrested after passing around flyers advertising his wares – and including a sample of cannabis along with his forename and mobile number.

Using adverts typically seen in supermarket flyers, the 31-year-old man was attempting to boost trade and attract new customers in the Tonkin district of the Lyon suburb Villeurbanne.

His flyer even offered “Home delivery from €100” and included some cannabis resin stuck on with sellotape.

But his enterprising efforts were brought up short when one of the people who was given his advertising leaflet – a 50-year-old man leaving a hotel - promptly handed it to police.

When police arrested him as he handed out more flyers they found with about a dozen flyers and later found 100g of cannabis in his home.

His arrest comes after claims in Marseille newspaper La Provence that local drug dealers were offering loyalty cards with their deals – and even a “convenience programme” where they included a pack of cigarettes with €50 of cannabis. However, the Marseille prefect denied this was the case.

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