‘En train’ de manger? Friends dine out on Paris Métro

The friends shared wine, charcuterie, and even hot raclette cheese as other passengers laughed and looked on

A group of friends sparked amusement on the Paris Métro this week after dressing up to share wine, charcuterie, and raclette on a dining table in a standard train carriage.

Complete with a polka dot tablecloth, napkins, wine glasses, cheese-melting pot with candles, and a video camera to film the proceedings, the four friends dressed in formal dinner suits and set up their dinner on a RATP train at the start of Line 5, for no other reason than “to make people laugh”.

The prank was just the latest humorous scheme from Thomas, a 24-year-old engineer who makes comedy videos in his spare time.

It was filmed throughout, and posted on video sharing website YouTube the next day on the "Joker Paris" channel.

Thomas said: “I have already made several videos in the Paris Métro - including one where I danced along to rock music, and another where I had my hair cut in a carriage. I do it to make people laugh, that’s it.”

Despite the unusual surroundings for the cheese feast, everything appeared to go off without a hitch.

Thomas said: “We got on at the beginning of the line, so we would be sure to have enough space [to set up our folding table]. As we ate our raclette, the passengers really laughed. They didn’t stop filming us or taking photos [with their phones].

“I even offered some charcuterie sausage to a little girl, who happily accepted and began eating with the rest of us.”

At the beginning, a security guard from RATP began asking questions, but allowed the friends to continue once it appeared there was no real danger.

Thomas explained: “A security guard came over to ask us what we were doing. He just wanted to check that we didn’t have a candle. Luckily, we hadn’t yet lit ours yet…”

He added: “Everyone was really kind to us. The driver of the train even came to see us at the end of the journey, to take a photo to show his wife, otherwise he said she would never have believed him.”

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