France curfew: The form you need for be out between 20h-06h

People will be allowed to travel for specific reasons between the hours of 20:00 and 06:00

15 December 2020
Forms are no longer necessary for travel during the day - but are still required for those outside during the curfew hours of 20:00 to 06:00
By Connexion journalist

Coronavirus measures eased slightly in France on Tuesday, December 15 - but a curfew from 20:00 until 06:00 has been imposed, meaning movements are still restricted.

Announcing the restrictions, Interior minister Gérald Darmanin said: “At 20:00, everyone must be at home, other for some exceptions. For example, [even] if the shops and services you are shopping in close at 20:00, you must ensure that you will be back home by 20:00.

“But if you work somewhere that closes at 20:00, you will be able to go home afterwards without a fine, as long as you tick the correct box on the attestation."

Not all movement is restricted, however. As reported, people will still be allowed to go out during the hours of curfew for certain specific reasons. If they do, they must carry an exemption certificate - also known as an attestation de déplacement.

The French curfew travel exemption documents, similar to those that were required for all travel during the second confinement period, have now been made published on the government website.

The curfew will be lifted for one night, December 24, to allow families to gather for Christmas celebrations. But it will be in place on New Year's Eve.

Reasons listed on the document for travel during curfew are:

  • Travel between home and the place of employment or the place of education and training, and business trips that cannot be postponed;
  • Travel for consultations and care which cannot be provided at a distance and cannot be postponed or for the purchase of medicinal products;
  • Travel for compelling family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable people or for childcare;
  • Travel for people with disabilities and their carers;
  • Travel in response to a judicial or administrative summons;
  • Travel to take part in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority;
  • Travel related to rail or air transits for long-distance journeys;
  • Short journeys within a maximum radius of one kilometre around the home for the needs of pets.

On all other nights, anyone stopped during curfew who is not carrying a valid attestation, faces a fine of €135, rising to €375 in the event of non-payment within a short time-frame. Second offences within a fortnight will incur a €200 fine, rising to €450; while a third infringement in 30 days could result in a €3,750 penalty and up to six months in prison.

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