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French court ruling due on Linky meters ban

The case of 430 people who are demanding that Linky electric-ity meters are removed from their homes is set to be resolved by a court this month.

24 July 2019
By Connexion journalist

The “smart meters”, 18million of which have been installed across France, give details of electricity use remotely.

Lawyers for the residents told a court in Nanterre that electromagnetic waves could have serious consequences and installing the meters was against freedom of choice and privacy.

The top administrative court, the Conseil d’Etat, has rejected an appeal from the mayor of a commune near Rennes who had tried to ban the meters.

He was told to pay €3,000 to Enedis, the body installing them.

National health agency Anses says there is little evidence of a health risk and data protection agency Cnil is checking people’s data is not abused.

Five thousand people have filed complaints since last year.

Most court cases have been dismissed, although 13 people won in Toulouse.

In Bordeaux, a court asked for a protective filter to be installed for people who are sensitive to waves

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