French musician composes with his eye

A French music producer who has been left paralysed by the degenerative muscle condition motor neurone disease (MND) has released his first solo album, made completely with his eyes.

25 September 2019
By Connexion journalist

Inspired by Kate Bush, Pone (Guilhem Gallart), a former member of the French rap group Fonky Family, has named his album Kate and Me.

He composed everything with his eyes with the help of computer software that detects their movement.

His wife Wahiba Gallart said: “It took longer. He started to do music again in January, after he realised that he could still work with his eyes.”

Mr Gallart, 46, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2014. He has had a tracheotomy and is now paralysed and mute.

He has done everything to stay positive and keep a “normal life”.

Mrs Gallart said: “He is at home, he has a normal family life. He wants to show to people that, yes, it is hard but everything is still possible despite the illness.”

His album is available on all the streaming platforms but he also intends to release collectors’ edition vinyl records.

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