Covid-19 in France: Your questions answered

You asked about: repeat prescriptions, wearing a mask, exercise options, car maintenance, access to beaches and areas of natural beauty provisions for older shoppers... and more...

Do children under 18 need their own confinement form  and can they go out alone?

Minors, including teenagers, should not be allowed out on their own. But, if it is necessary and if the reason is included in the authorised list – shopping, medical need, to get some exercise, help vulnerable people or for an urgent and unavoidable family matter – minors can go out with an attestation form signed by their parents.

Teenagers can go out to buy bread, if their parents cannot, but they cannot go and visit their friends.

If a child is out with an adult, only one form is necessary as long as it includes the names of the adult and the children present.

My children over 18 work in another town. Can they return to the family home rather than staying alone in their flat?

They can travel using the confinement form, Attestation de Déplacement Dérogatoire, ticked in the first box for travel between home and work, but would also need proof of their work, such as a contract. A letter from the parents would help, saying their main residence was in the family house.

What outside physical activity is allowed?

It must be individual, brief and close to the house. What that means is not clear, and each day it is amended, to become stricter. The message: stay at home to save lives and go out as little as possible.

Sports minister Roxana Maracin­eanu tweeted that no one should run for more than 2km. “A short jog for your health, but not 10km.”

But she admitted things were different for those living in a city, such as Paris, and those living in the country.

Group sports are forbidden but you can organise games in your garden with the group you live with.

You can leave your home for a walk or a short jog without contact with anyone else. You need an attestation.

Cycling is not an acceptable activity and the cycling federation FFC said cyclists should stay at home.

Sailing is forbidden and several prefects have closed beaches and coastal paths. Check your prefecture’s website or their Twitter feed. 

The whole Medit­er­ranean coast is out of bounds, plus ...

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