Last day to send in paper tax forms

There will be penalties to pay if you declare after today

There are just a few hours left to avoid penalties if you plan to make a tax declaration on paper this year

IF YOU have a French income declaration to make and plan to do it on the paper forms you have just a few hours left to do so.

If you are sending your declaration today you either need to make sure you put it in a post box before the day’s last collection or hand it in to a post office directly.

Finally, if you miss that, you could put it in your tax office’s letterbox by hand before midnight tonight.

If you declare later you risk paying more, due to penalty fees.

The alternative is to declare online, with the closing dates depending on which department you live in:

• 1-19: until Tuesday May 26
• 20-49: until Tuesday June 2
• 50+: until Tuesday June 9

Last year 36% of households, around 13million, declared online.

Note that as of this year non-residents do not have extra time to declare – they must either declare by today by paper or by internet by June 9.

For help with filling in the declarations, Connexion publishes a guide to the French tax forms, available here.

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