Mayor snubs Hollywood star over bullfight protest

Actor and animal rights campaigner Pamela Anderson
Actor and animal rights campaigner Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson condemns Mayor of Nîmes 'lack of openness' after he refused to meet her to receive 520,000-signature petition

The Mayor of Nîmes has refused to meet actor and animal rights campaigner Pamela Anderson, in town to present a petition of 520,000 signatures protesting against bullfights.

Jean-Paul Fournier said in a letter to the Anti-Corrida Alliance, which it has made public, that he did not consider the meeting 'necessary'. In it, he added that bullfighting is 'deeply rooted in the culture of Nîmois and Nîmoises' that have 'great importance in the economic and tourist activity of our territory'.

The star said she was disappointed at the mayor's "lack of openness". Meanwhile, the Alliance contested claims Mr Fournier made in his letter that bullfights at the Roman amphitheatre have been popular since the 19th century.

It said that widespread opposition meant that only nine bullfighting seasons were possible between 1853 and 1891, and accused Mr Fournier of misleading statements.

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