Midnight fireworks provoke terror fears

Paris residents voice anger over four-minute pyrotechnic display at foot of Eiffel Tower for TV series

23 October 2017
A firework display at midnight on Sunday sparked terror fears in Paris
By Connexion journalist

A midnight fireworks display near the Eiffel Tower was mistaken for a terror attack by some Paris residents.

The pyrotechnics at Place Jacques-Rueff, in Champ-de-Mars, were set off during the filming of an episode of Netflix's popular science-fiction series Sense8 - but while those living nearby had been made aware of the event, residents further afield were terrified by what sounded like gunfire and explosions.

The film company, which is produced by film-makers Lana and Lilly Wachowski who were behind The Matrix films, had City Hall's permission for the pyrotechnics - and had erected a security fence around the area - but the fireworks could been seen and heard from up to 13km away.

The four-minute event prompted many to take to social media in concern.

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