New TGV routes drastically cut travel time to Paris

Two new TGV routes will make travelling to and from Paris much faster

Travelling between Paris and Bordeaux has just got quicker, with two newly-opened TGV routes shaving up to 60 minutes’ off the previous journey time.

Two new TGV (France's high speed trains or trains à grande vitesse) have come into use this July, reducing journey times significantly between Paris, and Bordeaux and Rennes, respectively.

The two routes - not including stations or other expenses - cost over 11 billion euros and over 11 years to build, between two groups.

The LGV Bretagne-Pays de la Loire spent 3.3 billion euros over five years, putting in 182 km of new track, while LGV Sud-Europe Atlantique spent 7.8 billion euros over 340 km in six years.

Quicker journey times will be accompanied by slightly higher prices, with tickets costing up to 13 euros more for Paris-Rennes, and 15 euros more for Paris-Bordeaux (although shorter journey times, such as between Paris and Angers or Nantes, will see a rise of just two or three euros).

According to analysis in Le Monde newspaper, this still represents good value per kilometre, however, with journey times to Rennes quicker by 31% versus a ticket price hike of just 16% (at 0,25 euros per kilometre), and Bordeaux quicker by 35%, with a price rise of 15% (at 0,19 euros per kilometre).

Those travelling to Poitiers will win out the most, with a 19% quicker journey time for a ticket price rise of just 5% (and 0,24 euros per kilometre).

The most expensive TGV line is still Paris-Le Mans, at 0,28 euros per kilometre, and the cheapest Lyon-Bordeaux, where a TGV will cost you just 0,11 euros per kilometre. 

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