New cafe charges customers by the hour...

The first anticafe, Ziferblat, which opened in Moscow in 2012

'Anticafe' concept reaches Bordeaux, five years after first venue opened in Paris

Customers at a new cafe in Bordeaux pay by the hour, rather than by what they order.

Patrons at l’Anticafé, on rue Duffour-Dubergier, can eat and drink all they want. They are charged for how long they remain on the premises, with prices starting at €5 for the first hour. After the first 60 minutes, customers are charged by the minute.

Hot and cold drinks and light, healthy snacks are available, and the cafe also boasts free wifi, making it a popular venue for remote workers and students looking for a place to study as well as those who simply want to sit and watch the world go by.

The maximum charge for a full day at the cafe is €24, while regular customers can even pay by the month and enjoy a reduction in cost.

The Anticafé concept first became popular in Russia in 2011, and quickly spread west to France, where the first venue opened in Paris a year later. There are now eight such establishments across the country.

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