Now you can track your ticket online

Motorists who fall foul of the law in France can now track the process of their case on the internet

16 February 2015

GETTING a ticket for a motoring offence is frustrating enough - but dealing with French bureaucracy can turn an annoying incident into a nightmare.

Motorists who receive a ticket through the post, after being “flashed” by one of the increasing number of speed cameras on French roads, for example or drivers from other countries who broke the law while visiting France, are particularly at risk of any correspondence going astray, which could lead to increased fines.

Now, however, any driver who has fallen foul of the law can track their case on the internet, by logging on to the website of the Agence Nationale de Traitement Automatisé des Infractions (ANTAI). An English-language area of the ANTAI site is available here.

By entering the number of their ticket into the system, motorists in the system will be able to access a secure area of the site, where they will be able to see whether their payment has been processed, or - if the ticket is disputed - if it has been passed on to the courts.

Anyone who wishes to pay a fine having received a ticket through the post will also be able to discover whether they are entitled to a reduced payment for settling early, or if the full amount is due.

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