Order heating oil before price rises

graph of heating oil prices
Heating oil prices have been rising since summer

Tax increase will add €90 to the average bill to refill a tank from the turn of the year

If you have not ordered heating oil for the winter then you should do so for delivery before January 1 because a rise in tax will increase prices.

Prices for fioul or mazout have already risen by 14% since mid-July, costing an extra €200 on the average 2000litre refill, but the so-called energy tax TICPE is also being raised by 46%.

This does not mean a 46% rise in prices as the tax is only part of the cost of the fuel oil, but will mean an extra €90 on that same 2000l refill.

Tax is due on delivery not the date of the order so there is expected to be an explosion of orders and market leader fioulmarket.fr says users should buy today or in coming days to ensure delivery before the end of the year.

Estimates show that one in three households using oil heating is among the least well-off and consumer champions UFC Que Choisir is relaunching its “Choisir son fioul” bid to cut the costs with a buy-together operation.

Making a group purchase allows UFC Que Choisir to ask distributors for a discount on prices and its website Choisirsonfioul.fr says  it expects to average savings of about €62 for buyers.

The aim is to have orders received before December 8 and then delivery in the following two weeks. However, users must subscribe to the offer at a cost of €5 to cover organisational expenses.

Users can cut their heating bills themselves by reducing the ambient temperature in rooms by one degree, dusting radiators, fitting reflective panels behind radiators so heat enters the room and fitting a thermostat.

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