Shave off your moustache to win a bottle of beer

Precious beer foam caught in a moustache. Credit: Daily Motion

Lille start-up launches marketing campaign encouraging those with a moustache to shave it off for the sake of saving beer 

The start-up Saveur Bière was so horrified beer was being wasted by getting stuck to people’s moustaches, it decided to act and start a ‘movement’. 

With a stirring video, a hashtag #shavingforsavings and the call to take a photograph of yourself shaving off your moustache, it hopes to do something to stop the ‘92466 litres of beer wasted every year’…

Once you post the picture, the team will send you a free beer as it argues a little beer gets stuck in a moustache with every sip, so if you’re a beer connoisseur that would add up to one bottle of beer after a year. 

If you love beer and want to 'fight' against wasting any, take a picture of yourself shaving your moustache off and post it with the hashtag #shavingforsavings or on the website. In return you'll get a 33cl bottle of Goose IPA.

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