State support for second anti-smoking aid

Nicotine patches will be partly reimbursed by the state from Sunday

Good news for smokers who want to quit the habit - from Sunday, part of the cost of nicotine patches will be reimbursed by the state.

NicoretteSkin patches are the second anti-smoking aid to be covered by social security reimbursement this year. Nicotine EG gum was the first, and has been partly reimbursed since March 28.

Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn has welcomed the latest addition in health authorities' efforts to reduce the number of deaths due to smoking in France.

A single price has been set for each product, whatever the dosage or fragrance: €14.14 for Nicotine EG and €28.55 for NicoretteSkin, with 65% of the costs reimbursed under national health insurance.

"This management allows all patients access to these substitution treatments, including the most modest," says the Minister.

Other nicotine substitutes are expected to be included on the list, following negotiations with laboratories.

In the meantime, an aid package for smokers who want to quit, "will be maintained until the end of the year," Ms Buzyn said.

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