Stores pop cork on wine fair season

wine on a shelf in a French supermarket
Supermarkets across France are gearing up for their autumn wine fairs

Supermarket chains gear up for one of the busiest periods in their calendar - the autumn wine fairs

Supermarket chains across the country are gearing up for one of the most popular periods in their calendar - the autumn wine fair.

For many, it is the second wine fair of the year - and offers a chance for customers to pick up wines at discounted prices.

Casino was first out of the blocks, opening its wine fair on September 1. Géant-Casino stores, along with Leader Price and Netto are next - their wine fairs start on Tuesday, September 5.

Intermarché, Aldi, Lidl and Franprix stores join the wine fun on Wednesday, September 6.

Carrefour's wine fair begins a week later, on Tuesday, September 12, a day before Monoprix. But the fairs in Carrefour Market and Contact stores are being kept back for another 10 days, and will not start until September 22.

Auchan and U stores' wine fairs do not get under way until September 26, while Leclerc is the last of the major retailers to organise its event. Shoppers will have to wait until October 3 for the event to begin there.

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