Storm warning continues for Hérault and Aude

Storms and heavy rain are expected across the departments

An 'orange' storm warning will remain in place for Hérault and Aude until 9pm tonight

Météo France issued the warning last night, saying that storms and heavy rain were due to hit the departments. An orange alert is the weather agency’s second highest warning status.

This is the first significant 'cévenol' event of the season, Météo France said.

Cévenol events affect the departments around the Cévennes mountains each autumn and involve intense rain that usually lasts several days.

The events occur when cold air blowing south hits the warm air of the Mediterranean around the Cévennes mountain range.

Lightning, strong winds and hail are all to be expected as well as heavy rain, Météo France said.

Some areas could see 150mm to 250mm of rain over Wednesday and Thursday.

The east of the Aude and west of the Hérault are likely to see the worst of the weather.

More information is available here from Météo France.

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