Temperature to reach 36° C today in France

Hot weather and sunshine are forecast today throughout France (Wednesday June 24), with temperatures set to peak at 36°C this afternoon - although an official "heatwave" has not been announced.

24 June 2020
A map showing hot weather forecast in France today, June 24. Temperatures are expected to reach 36° Celsius.Storms are possible later in the day in the Alps and Pyrenees, and the Atlantic coast may also become cloudy
By Joanna York

Today (Wednesday, June 24) will see a steep rise in temperatures throughout France, with an average maximum between 30-34°C.  

In the north and southeast, afternoon temperatures are expected to reach 29-34°C. Meanwhile, the hottest temperatures are forecast in the south-west of France, which is expected to reach 35°C or 36°C this afternoon.

A weather map tweeted by national forecaster Météo France shows high temperatures, mostly in the late 20s-mid-30s, throughout the country, all day long.

Storms are possible later in the day in the Alps and Pyrenees, and the Atlantic coast may also become cloudy.

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How to sleep in hot weather

Despite the very high temperatures forecast this week in France there is no official heatwave (canicule) alert, as night-time temperatures will remain—technically—too cool. 

However, the relatively high temperatures may still make it difficult to sleep. 

Joëlle Adrian, neurobiologist and director of research at national health researcher Insermtold magazine Madame Figaro: “When the environment is warm the body doesn’t lose heat. It cannot cool down.”

If the body does not cool down sufficiently, she explained, it is almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep. To help you cool down before bed, and enjoy a restful sleep, Ms Adrian advises: 

  • Eat a light dinner that will be gentle on your digestive system. Rich proteins and fats make the digestive system work hard, raising the temperature of the body. Try eating starch and carbohydrates which will keep you full during the night. 
  • Avoid hot drinks and showers. If you normally have a hot drink before bed, try drinking it at ambient temperature instead. Taking a shower in lukewarm water before bed can also help cool the body 
  • Spritz your sheets with water. Doing this cools the sheets and helps you fall asleep faster. In hot weather, cotton sheets are better than linen (which is less absorbent) or synthetic sheets (which can cause sweating).
  • Relax before you sleep. Take at least 10 minutes to relax in bed before going to sleep. Focus on your breathing to relax the body, or try meditation to help you disconnect from the day.

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