Thief in Montmartre identified by tourist selfies

A camera thief in Montmartre in Paris has been caught in the act

A camera thief in Montmartre in Paris has been caught in the act after he was identified by tourist selfies.

At around 13h15 yesterday, the couple were visiting the Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre, and stopped to take both selfies using their smartphone and higher-quality shots using their professional-standard camera - worth an estimated €5 000, according to police.

As their more expensive camera lay just behind them, the couple snapped selfies, only to see a thief stealing their equipment.  

As the thief ran off, the couple checked their phone photos - and sure enough, he had clearly been captured in the background.

The Prefecture of Police in Paris confirmed the perpetrator had been identified and recognised due to the selfies, and tweeted one of the photos from its official Twitter account.  

Quickly intercepted by police, the thief was taken in custody and detained.

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