Truckers protest to disrupt traffic

Go-slow protests and blockades on Monday and Tuesday could affect ports and airports

18 January 2015

ROAD delays are possible on Monday and Tuesday as truck-drivers are planning blockades and go-slow protests at about 50 sites around France.

Their targets include oil refineries, factories and industrial estates - but also motorway tolls, ports and airports.

The drivers are calling for a five per cent pay rise, a minimum €10 hourly wage and a 13th month's pay at the end of each year.

Blockades will begin at 22.00 on Sunday night. It follows a similar protest before Christmas that brought disruption to Rungis, France's biggest wholesale food market.

Unions say the action will last "until at least Tuesday" - and they are calling on coach drivers and other workers in the logistics sector to join in as well.

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