Tuck into a burger with cutlery

While the rest of the world copes with their burgers single or double-handed, McDonald’s in France is offering diners plastic cutlery to keep their hands clean.

The innovation was tested in a dozen diners before being extended to all 1,400 in France. The company said it was an “evolution” and not a break with tradition as it already had table service possible in 80% of its diners in France.

Cutlery is only available with the gourmet Signature burger deal, which costs €13.60 compared to €7.50 for a classic deal.

Signature is made with French charolais beef and McDonald’s buys 2,000 tonnes a year. In all, it uses 46,000 tonnes of beef a year, with 25,000 from France.

Burgers are now on the menu in 75% of France’s 145,000 eateries and have overtaken steak-frites as the favourite meal.

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