Update tax office to avoid overpayment

If your family situation has changed recently, such as a new baby or marriage, you should tell your tax office so it can apply the correct rate under the at-source system which begins in January.

21 November 2018
By Connexion journalist

If not, you may pay more and have to wait to be reimbursed in 2020.

Tax at source will apply to any French salary or pension income you receive, starting next year.

For many other kinds of regular income known to the tax office, such as a pension or salary from abroad or income from rents, an amount will be taken from your French bank account each month based on the previous year’s declaration.

Under the new system, you still have to make an annual declaration.

Direct debits for these “other incomes” will start on January 15, or February 15 if you pay quarterly.

A tax service adviser said if your situation changed in 2018 you can make a modification - either in your online space or by going to the tax office in person - as of January 2.

It is best to do it as soon as possible, though he said the change will not be processed for another two or three months. If you are due a refund because you paid too much at the start of 2019 because of this, he said this would come in 2020.

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