Use anti-pee paint to stop the drunks

How the paint works - screengrab: 20 Minutes

Resident says Paris is ‘disgusting’ and says drunken louts should ‘get their own back’ with hydrophobic paint on walls

STOP people peeing on our walls! That is a Paris resident’s plea as he asks the city to use anti-urine paint on walls so drunks ‘get their own back’.

Xavier Delaporte, 31, says drunks are making the 18th arrondissement a “disgusting” place to live as they urinate on walls and especially the local supermarket.

He told 20 Minutes newspaper they “buy their beers first thing in the morning and then pee it up the walls and the front of the supermarket”.

Now he has taken advantage of the capital’s public budget consultation to demand that it include funds to cover the walls with anti-urine paint – so any urine would rebound back.

He told the paper the paint had already been tested in Hamburg in Germany and he thought that “rather than a repressive approach it was better to use a deterrent”.

Saying the worst-affected walls should be covered with a coat of hydrophobic paint, he added: “Anyone who decided to have a pee would see it bounce back off the walls and on to their trousers.”

Quentin Tarantino fans will know the area where he lives, just off Boulevard Ney, as it was shown in the film Inglourious Basterds for a bistrot scene and Mr Delaporte says that “everything is disgusting in the area”.

He wants to extend the project to cover several of the worst-hit parts of Paris, especially as it was a public health problem and a terrible example for children. Painting walls in the 18th for a test and extending it to the Canal Saint-Martin would cost €100,000.

Paris mairie says it is testing several similar ideas, including corrugated walls, to stop this behaviour in the 10th and 3rd arrondissements. Urinating in a public place is liable to a €35 fine.

Hydrophobic paint has already been tested in Pauli, Hamburg, where Mr Delaporte got his idea... 20 Minutes used this film to show it in action...

De la peinture «anti-pipi» sur les murs d'une... par 20Minutes

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