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Updated! Brexit and Britons In France
Published: 10 February 2020
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What the deal means for existing British residents of France
What the deal means for second home owners and visitors
What will change for Britons who move across after 2020
What residents can do to prepare for obligatory Brexit-deal residency cards


Healthcare / S1s and Ehics

UK state pensions and private pensions
British Driving licences and France
Changes to pet travel between the UK and France
Capital Gains Tax and other financial considerations
How to prove you are a resident on entry to France after a trip abroad?
Other visa and border control issues
Visiting time limits for second home owners
Voting rights
Studying abroad / Erasmus / University rights
Accessing the NHS on trips to the UK
Will French benefits such as housing allowance, child allowance and Aspa pension top-up continue?
Recognition of British qualifications in France
Jobs which non-EU people cannot do
Will exportable benefits from the UK continue?
Why a five-year residency limit matters
Associate citizenship
Could I be asked to leave France?
What if things go wrong... 

What is know about the 'Brexit-deal' residency card new website

For those who come after the transition period:
Different cards for different groups of people
Will pensioners need to update card annually?
Costs of cards
Income requirements for residency + what's taken into account
Income and self-employed people

Telecoms and other issues

Campaign groups, interviews and useful contacts

Reader questions answered are:

Should I change UK pet passport to a French version? / Will Britons need visas to come to France after Brexit? / Will Erasmus study scheme for Britons survive Brexit? / Validity of ‘European’ British passports / Will inheritance law be affected? / Brexit and travel plans / Would French blue badge be valid in UK after Brexit? / How can second home owners spend more than 90 days in France after the transition period ends this year? / How is Brexit going to affect the healthcare rights of UK state pensioners? / Can I travel with my EU carte? / Effect on currency exchange / Buying a second-home in France: What will change? / What about ski season workers who come and find jobs once in France? / Have I been living in France ‘legally’? / We have lived in three EU countries - does this affect our rights? / What happens if you overstay 90 day visitor rule? / What website is best to apply for a visa in English? / Should I get a long-stay visa if want to visit France for more than 90 days? / Will we lose social charge exemption if we join Puma? / Would French nationality give us better healthcare? / We have low incomes - will we be able to stay in France? / I live half and half; can I have a carte but keep UK taxation? / We often travel to France with DIY tools, will we need to complete customs forms? / Can I be my wife’s dependent for healthcare? / Rules for importing a car / Do I need to change my UK licence for a French licence? / I often visit my sick mother in UK, how do I prove I am resident at port on return? / Will British wife share same rights as Irish husband? / Is a language test required for carte de sejour?/ Bills are in husband’s name - is it a problem for me? / EU rights by parentage? / What about pet vaccinations? / Pensions from several countries / Will we have to sit a French driving test? / Will tax on my UK teacher’s pension change? / French nationality / Can UK wife of an Irish man stay longer than 90 days on a visit?/ Will French son, 14, need own passport for UK visit?

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