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Healthcare in France Guide 2019* - PDF version (Print edition SOLD OUT)
Published: 10 October 2018
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This updated, 2019, 64 page (+ 4 cover) edition of our healthcare helpguide comprises information about accessing healthcare in France both as a resident, second-home owner and visitor.

It includes an explanation of the healthcare rights of residents, whether working, state pensioners from abroad or early-retirees, and how the French system works.

Contents include: 

* President Macron's 2019 healthcare reforms
* Healthcare rights in France for workers, early-retirees, retirees, second-home owners and visitors
* Telemedicine and the lack of rural doctors
* Moving to France from abroad and obtaining a Carte Vitale 
* What Brexit may mean for Britons in France and healthcare 
* S1s
* Changes to dental and eye care reimbursements
* Why you may still have to pay your doctor and how and when you will be reimbursed 
* The ‘Puma’ system of residence-based healthcare rights 
* Healthcare dependants 
* What is an EHIC and how do I get one?
* Treatment in other countries - your rights
* Why some doctors charge more than others but your state reimbursement is the same 
* ‘Top-up’ insurance for the non-reimbursed part of medical costs 
* Help for people on low incomes
* What cover do you have when travelling for short stays out of France 

Questions and answers:

  • My French Cpam is incompetent and inefficient – who can help? 
  • Health rights on closing a firm in France
  • Can I defer my pensions and have S1 in France?
  • Travel healthcare for non-EU residents in France
  • French Gym asked for a medical certificate – is that usual?
  • Is hospital transport reimbursable in France?
  • Does France reimburse the anti-HIV pill PrEP?
  • Is arthritis treatment 100% reimbursed in France?
  • Obtaining EHIC repayment from Cpam in France
  • Will nationality change cost me?
  • Help with spinal injuries in France
  • How long is a prescription for medicine valid for in France?
  • Why can I not cancel French health policy with a month’s notice?
  • Are you always penalised for not seeing your own GP in France?
  • Tooth filling had to be redone – should I pay?
  • What you need to pack for a French hospital stay
  • Can I change the way I access my Carte Vitale?
  • What is SOS Médecins and who can make use of it?
  • Effect of Brexit on healthcare in France
  • Reimbursement for visitor in France from the UK
  • Is there a cap on extra charges for healthcare in France?
  • Can a mutuelle refuse cover for age reasons?
  • Do Britons in France need a ‘top-up’ mutuelle policy?
  • My husband has died, am I entitled to healthcare in France?
  • Coming to France as a jobseeker
  • How can we save on top-up medical insurance in France?
  • Effect of Brexit on second home owners in France
  • Can my wife become a dependent on my S1 form
  • What restrictions are there on who may give blood in France?
  • Are contact lenses reimbursed in France?
  • Cancer: the ‘right for it to be forgotten’
  • Can self-employed choose their health caisse?
  • The French ‘power of attorney’: What are the options?
  • Using an EHIC in France
  • Making a ‘living will’ in France
  • French private health screening
  • Will benefits be cut at 65?
  • Law on ‘sedated dying’
  • Get support with Multiple Sclerosis


* Hospital stays + readers' experiences of operations in France
* Alternative medecine in France and what is reimbursed
* Long-term illnesses
* How technology is being used across France
* Cancer screening + x-rays
* Diabetes 
* Pharmacies 
* Vaccinations (obligatory and voluntary)
* Pregnancy 
* Mental health 
* Disability benefits 
* Contesting a CPAM decision 

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*The information in this guide is of a general nature, it is not advice which if needed can be sought by instructing a professional on the specifics of your case. All purchases are subject to our terms and conditions.