Should I cash in my UK pension before moving to France? Is my UK state pension taxable in France?
Pensions in France Guide 2018
Published: January 2018
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This 36-page guide tells you what you need to know about pensions in France (British, French and EU)

Retirement is widely seen as a fulfilling time of life in France. The country’s high quality healthcare, good weather and lively social scene as well as the many associations for different activities mean you can make the most of it to enjoy hobbies, travel and spend more time with friends and family.

An essential part, however, is organising your pension arrangements, which for expats may mean juggling different pensions often between two countries, France and their original home country.

There are also questions thrown up by Brexit. How will Brexit change pensions drawn by Britons living in France - both those living here already when the Brexit deadline comes, those who move over during the transition period and also those who come to live in France after the transition period has ended?

Pension rules can be complex and subject to reforms as, for example, in the 2016 move to a new ‘single tier’ British state pension. This guide aims to explain the issues.

For those already receiving pensions from a country that is not part of the eurozone, issues include exchange rates and how to transfer pension amounts to France as well as how your pension income will be taxed in France.

Topics include:

  • The UK Pension System
  • How do the 2016 reforms affect you?
  • Topping up a UK pension when living in France
  • Is it a good idea to buy an annuity?
  • Life certificates and when you may be asked for one
  • Transferring pension benefits out of the UK
  • Declaring UK pensions in France
  • Can France tax UK government pensions?
  • Pensions and French social charges
  • Taxation of QROPs
  • The French Pension System
  • French retraite de base: different situations
  • Retraite complémentaire
  • Supplementary French pension schemes
  • The Loi Madelin contract
  • EU Pension System
  • Who pays an EU pension; how it is calculated
  • Assurance vie and investment planning
  • How does assurance vie work?
  • How is an assurance vie taxed?
  • Investment ideas for pension funds
  • Tax on pensions / healthcare for pensioners
  • Getting the best exchange rate for your pension
  • French medical cover for pensioners

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