Moving to and Living in France Guide 2018
Published: December 2017
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Whether you are thinking of buying a property and moving to France or you already live here and need to stay informed, there are many questions you need answers to:

What is life like in Macron's France and what changes are coming in 2018?

Which areas of France provide the best value property?

Do I need a carte de séjour before Brexit happens? 

Can I get a French mortgage to finance my new home?

My broadband is very slow - how can I improve it?

What are the new tax bands and how will they affect me?

How important is it that I learn the language?

How do I make French inheritance laws work best for my family?

What steps must I take to bring my pet dog to France?

How much should I be tipping in a restaurant?

How does the French healthcare system differ from the NHS?

Can I obtain a grant for my eco-friendly home renovation?

Is there a local association near me to help expats settle in?

Answers to these questions and hundreds more can be found in The Connexion's 2018 Moving to and Living in France guide.

This is the eighth edition and comprises of 164 pages of essential information covering a wide range of subjects to take you through the basics of the practical side of life in France.

The guide is aimed at people looking to move to France as well as those who have already made the move. The information has been researched by our journalists, who have all settled in France, and compiled with the help of experts in their respective fields.

Topics covered include: 
*The rules for buying property 
*How to come out of the UK system and into the French one 
*Exportable benefits 
*Choosing a region in France 
*Culture shock - language and lifestyle 
*Owning a second home 
*Renovation help 
*Different bank accounts 
*Getting a mortgages 
*Overview of French inheritance Law 
*New UK pension rules 
*Entering the healthcare system 
*Making a Living 
*The school system 
*Retiring here 

Brexit and its impact on Britons in France

+ Useful community / association contacts 

+ Reader questions and answers 

+ Real Life stories and tip from people who moved across this year

+ Travel map with route information

+ Directory of businesses serving English-speakers in France

Since launching The Connexion 15 years ago, we have received thousands of queries from readers requesting explanations of aspects of France they find confusing. Moving to and Living in France is our introduction to some of the information which helps to make a successful new life in France. 

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