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April 2018

  1. What traditional Parisian tourist conveyances take their familiar name from the area of Lyon where they were first built, and not, as many think, from a type of insect?
  2. A version of which BBC quiz show has been broadcast on the TV station France 3 since 2011 under the title Personne n’y avait pensé! (‘No one thought of it!’)?
  3. Who returned home from exile in Paris on a chartered Air France flight to assume the effective leadership of his country, on February 1st, 1979?
  4. In the field of leisure activity in France, what are Les Arcs, Les Carroz, Les Gets and Les Menuires?
  5. Which Picardy town near Arras has a five-letter name which is 80% vowel, and is famous for an English Catholic translation of the Old Testament, published there in 1609?
  6. What late 18th century hyphenated term for the lower classes who wore trousers rather than knee-breeches, might today be used colloquially as an equivalent to ‘going commando’ in English?
  7. Taken from the book of Genesis, what is the French title of the 1956 film directed by Roger Vadim which rocketed the 22-year old Brigitte Bardot to global fame?
  8. Which very famous pop song, played more often at British funerals than any other, was in its original version a 1968 French hit by Claude François, when it was called ‘Comme d’habitude’?
  9. What was first represented by the length of a platinum bar kept at theInternational Bureau of Weights and Measures in Paris from 1799 to 1889, when it was infinitesimally altered?
  10. Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre and Marie Galante are the three principal islands of which French overseas département located in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles?

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