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Try our French quiz

  1. Who painted the “Liberty Leading the People”?
  2. What are April fools called in French?
  3. His “nom de plume” was Voltaire; do you know his real name?
  4. How do you spell “colonist” and “colon”in French?
  5. Name the singer/songwriter and poet born in Sète who was awarded the Grand Prix de Poésie by the Académie française in 1967.
  6. Which famous French dish inspired an eponymous animation film in 2007?
  7. How many times has France won Eurovision?
  8. What revolutionary item of clothing did Jacques Heim and Louis Réard invent in 1946?
  9. Christian tradition prohibits the ringing of church bells for 3 days between Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday while mourning Christ. To explain this, French children were told that the bells were sent to Rome to be blessed and would return dropping gifts along the way… What do the bells bring back with them?
  10. Which French company is known worldwide for its advertising systems in bus stops, public bicycle rental systems, and billboards?

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