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Test your knowledge of France with our Connexion quiz

  1. What is the name of the transatlantic single-handed yacht race from Saint Malo to Guadeloupe?
  2. Which French comic book series was turned into a film starring Oscar winning Jean Dujardin?
  3. How do you spell “choir” and “heart” in French?
  4. Who is the French singer known as “Cloclo”?
  5. Which salad, with multiple variations mostly include boiled eggs, tuna, and green beans is named after a town on the Riviera?
  6. Which nightly soap opera set in Marseille has aired over 3000 episodes since 2004?
  7. How many French films had over 1 million admissions in cinemas in 2017?
  8. With over 300 fashion shows in Paris every year and 1,000,000 jobs in the industry, what percentage of French GDP is generated by the fashion industry?
  9. The Le Pliage handbag is lightweight, practical, and synonymous with French style with over 32 million bags sold to date; which brand created this line of bags?
  10. Who designed the Stravinsky fountain outside the Centre George Pompidou in Paris and was known for her voluptuous and colourful sculptures?