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'Bringing light' back to Chambord

A contemporary chandelier-maker was thrilled to be asked to help with the restoration of historic lighting at the famous Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley.

21 June 2017
Laurent and Lisa get to grips with a hefty Chambord chandelier before re-hanging it after repair
By Samantha David

The team at Ombres et Facettes, based near the chateau at Saint-Laurent-Nouan, Loir-et-Cher, is more accustomed to creating exclusive modern lighting for wealthy private clients around the world.

But they were delighted to assist in the mould-making, polishing and re-hanging of Chambord’s ‘Hollandais’ chandeliers.

“We would never have imagined being asked to carry out restoration work at Chambord,” company co-founder Valérie Boulloche told Connexion. “As well as the obvious prestige, we were also excited to give back a little light to a chateau that we love. Our employees, our children, they all love the chateau.”

The company was founded in 1994 by Valérie and husband Laurent, along with Jordane Le Déan and Lisa Cauwet, and all were inspired by the crystal and bronze chandeliers of the 18th century.  

At that time, the French Royal Court was at the peak of its splendour and the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles was the height of ostentatious home-deco fashion.

Modelled on chandeliers of that époque, the work of Ombres et Facettes is very much in demand.

They design chandeliers from scratch, working in silver, gold or nickel, assembling everything and wiring it to produce perfect lighting for billionaires in Russia, the US, UAE, Hong Kong and the UK as well as in chateaux across France.

They also made chandeliers for the 2007 wedding of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria.

A modern design from the company's showroom
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