My Good Life in France - Janine Marsh

Moving to France can be a dream and a nightmare...

No matter how many times you read about the French dream going wrong there is always that little cheerleader inside hoping things will turn round.

It is the same here, where Janine Marsh points out the different types of expat – retiree, escapee or lifestyle changee – and you know that those doing-up a hopeless doer-upper are going to have it hard... and the tale she tells is her own.

No wonder France looked appealing with sleet sheeting it down in London as she, her husband and her father headed across the Channel on a regular booze cruise. It looked less appealing when all the restaurants shut for the afternoon. Fortunately, the estate agent was still open... and that is how luck took them past a longère that had just that day gone on the market.

It turned into both a dream and a nightmare, and not necessarily in that order. The couple discover they do not really know each other that well... and, at points, do not really like each other that much.

The high points scarcely outweigh the low points but the couple find their new home in the wet north of France has a charm of its own and, as is normal, their neighbours make it worthwhile.

Throw in regular doses of bafflement, an extra-large sprinkling of animals and this is the good life.

My Good Life in France, Janine Marsh, Michael O’Mara Books, £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-78243-732-1

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