Photo of the month: June... Le Mont Saint-Michel

Every month we will be sharing a photograph of a place in France. This month we take a look at a rocky island commune with a towering gothic abbey, Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy was one of the earliest monuments to be crowned a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The surrounding bay is of great interest to tourists and scientists alike. Full and new moons cause extreme tides that flood the bay and quickly transform the mountainous land into an island.

At low tides, clay-like quicksand (sables mouvants) can trap and drag down inexperienced explorers within seconds. For this reason, it is forbidden to wander across the bay without a guide. Tide schedules are published by the tourist office. It is advised to arrive two hours in advance to witness the rising tide.

Since 2000, a growing amount of scientific studies have focused on the bay’s waters, which seem to prove valuable for ecological research.

June Events
June 2-4: Rendez-vous aux Jardins – the occasion to visit and discover public parks and private gardens around France
June 14-18: Romantic Film Festival in Cabourg, Calvados
June 17-18: 24 Hours of Le Mans race at the historic circuit in Sarthe, Grand-Ouest
June 18-21: Vinexpo in Bordeaux. International wine and spirits event
June 23-25: Les Etoiles des Mougins culinary festival in Mougins, Alpes-Maritimes

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