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Travel back to the 13th century and help to rebuild Guédelon Castle in Yonne

If sitting on the beach reading a book seems a little too mundane for your summer break, try your hand at one of these unique or unusual activities, hand-picked by Samantha David

We all love those iconic French experiences and activities; wine-tasting, discovering new cheeses, skiing in the Alps, shopping in Paris, relaxing at the coast. But France has other, more unexpected activities on offer, things you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of in connection with France... here are some of our favourites:

Camel Riding        

This is becoming increasingly popular and available in various different areas of France, but one of the first companies to offer camel rides was DromaSud in Balaruc-le-Vieux (Hérault), founded and run by Cécile Le Meur and her daughter Coralie. “Actually they are dromedaries with one hump,” says Cécile. “We don’t have Bactrian camels (which have two humps) because they are more suited to cold climates. Dromedaries thrive in the heat here, even when the pasture is very poor.”

She and Coralie offer rides and riding lessons, and instruction in looking after dromedaries. They also attend public events like festivals as well as private ones like birthday parties. “People are surprised to discover how tame and gentle our dromedaries are. But that’s what inspired us to work with them. These animals are very calm, kind, affectionate... they take away all your stress.”

Dromedaries used to be classified as exotic animals in France, but are in the process ...

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