A year in the vineyard: October

Once the grapes are in, the vigneron’s work really begins, says Jonathan Hesford

The grape harvest appears to end when the tractors and trailers disappear from the roads but work continues in the wineries, hidden from view. What goes on in those wineries, be they huge cave cooperatives, magnificently equipped chateaux or humble artisanal cellars?

The basic process of making wine is common to almost all regions and quality levels but the differences are in the details.

When grapes first enter the winery they may be sorted by hand or machine to remove shrivelled, unripe, mouldy or rotten grapes as well as any leaves or snails!

White wine is made by pressing the grapes immediately to remove the pips and skins. Winemakers may use traditional vertical presses, larger horizontal ones or pneumatic bladder presses which offer a gentler, more ...

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