Oenologist Antoine Médeville talks about his work

Antoine Médeville is an oenologue who is the director of a consultancy service, Oenoconseil, which gives advice on every stage of wine making from planting the vines to marketing the bottled end result to chateaux and winemakers in the Bordeaux area. In his office at Pauillac there is a wine testing laboratory and three oenologues, including himself, who work with 120 wine producers. Unsurprisingly September, when the wine harvest begins, is the busiest time of the year...

Can you explain how you came to be an oenologue?

I come from a family where some work in wine and some in pharmaceuticals, and as I was always attracted by the vineyards but also come from a scientific background I decided to become an oenologue.

I studied for a BTSA viticulture-oenology at Blanquefort and then went to University in Bordeaux. I then worked in different regions including Sancerre and Hérault, after which I created the laboratory at Pauillac that I manage now. The studies lasted four years when I did them, but now it is five years.


Is oenology an art or a science?

Oenology is a science, but it is a mix of science and art and I always describe myself as a doctor of the countryside.


Can you describe your typical working day?

We have different typical days according to the season. Before the harvest, we have meetings we call réunions de pré-vendange with each one of our clients. We tour the vines, look at what did not work so well the ...

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