Slice of Mexico the Basques have made their own

Confrerie du Piment et du Axoa de veau d'Espelette (no copyright)
The Confrerie du Piment et du Axoa de veau d'Espelette, which organises the annual Piment festival in the Basque town

Piment farmers will soon get ready to celebrate another harvest of spicy pepper brought to France from central America

After safely gathering the harvest of their protected spicy treasure, piment d’espelette farmers and producers in the far southwest of France will celebrate the livelihoods at a two-day festival.

The event first took place in the 1960s, to mark the end of harvest, and now takes place every year in the final week of October. This year, the Fête du Piment takes place on October 28 and 29, Espelette. Entry is free, and details are available on Espelette Tourist Office website

It is organised by the Confrerie du Piment et du Axoa de Veau d’Espelette. Secretary Romain Casemajor explained: “A confrerie is an association which promotes local products. The members can be producers but also people who live in the area.

"Each Confrerie has its own costume and sends its members to other festivals in other regions all over the country. Representatives from 90 different Confreries come to the Fête du Piment.  

"On the Sunday of our festival they all process in their different costumes after a mass to bless the Piment and we then have a ceremony where we swear in new members who might be honorary such as chefs and Basque sportsmen and women or local people.”

The Axoa de Veau is a local dish flavoured with the Piment d’Espelette and has its own festival on ...

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