Wine of a very different hue on sale in France

Spanish wine making a splash on south coast of France

There is red wine, white wine and rose - and there is a blue wine, too.

A company in Sète is selling marketing Vindigo, a 100% natural wine that is a very a different colour to the usual wines served at aperos in France.

The unusual colour of the wine, a 100% chardonnay, is created from anthocyanin, a pigment in grape skins, through which the liquid is filtered.

Distributor René Le Bail told France Bleu Hérault that the wine, developed in Spain, is, "an ideal wine for the summer, to drink as an aperitif, on the sand or at the edge of the swimming pool.

"It tastes like fruit. There's cherry, passion fruit, blackberries," he said.

For now the wine, which sells at €12 per bottle, is available in and around Sète, but Mr Le Bail hopes it will soon be sold in Bordeaux.

Vindigo is following a blue wine trail blazed by Gïk, which two years ago became the first to sell blue wine in France.

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