Connexion Tip: Do not expect cards from the neighbours at Christmas.

In France these are not as popular and if sent at all tend to be in the form of New Year’s wishes and arrive throughout January (right up until the end of the month).

Another change in the season of goodwill is the number of people knocking on your door selling calendars.

Postal staff, street cleaners and pompiers may all pass by. You are not obliged to give anything and it has been known for fraudulent agents to go out collecting money.

For postal staff the money counts as extra, non-taxable income. The recommended donation is between €5 to €15.

For the pompiers the money is used collectively by the local group to fund sporting activities, entertainment events and charities related to their work.

Street cleaners and municipal staff are actually banned from collecting in Paris, Lyon and Nice, but where they do appear, a lower tip of €5 is appropriate. Top earners at Christmas are cleaners, who may be expecting around €50 and concierges (between €30-50).

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