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7 French expressions about bad weather

Storms have hit many parts of France – here’s some expressions you may be hearing today about rain.

24 October 2019
By Selma Daddi

1/ Trempé comme une soupe (literally soaked like a soup)

To be very wet after being caught in rain.

2/ Trempé jusqu’aux os (soaked to the bones)

To be real soaked. Note that in English, you do not get so wet and are only soaked to the skin.

3/ Il pleut comme vache qui pisse (it is raining like a cow is pissing)

It is tipping it down.

4/ Il pleut des cordes (it is raining ropes)

It is raining cats and dogs. You can also say ‘il tombe des cordes’.

5/ Il pleut à seaux (it is bucketing down)

Used for heavy rain.

6/ Un temps de chien (dog weather)

Expression to describe very bad weather, wet and cold.

7/ Ça pète (it is bursting)

You can use this when speaking about a big storm and thunder. If a storm is coming, you might also hear ‘ça va péter’.

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